Carefree Coral

Dress: Rag & Bone, Cardigan: J.Crew, Jewelry: Vintage, Heels: Elizabeth & James

I absolutely LOVE all of the fresh coral colors I am seeing around town for spring! The arrival of spring and the upcoming holiday always remind me of my childhood trips to Florida in the car for 16 hours with my family. Although I slept for a good portion of the time there were always fun memories from the drive.

One thing I remember very vividly was seeing the change in seasonal colors from the Midwest to the South. When we left there was usually snow on the ground and all the trees appeared to be lifeless and drab. Around Tennessee things would start to change, green would appear, and our wardrobe would change from pants and coats to shorts and t-shirts. It was an amazingly freeing feeling!

Whenever I see the colors transitioning from the winter season to spring in the stores downtown I get a nostalgic feeling bringing me back to those Florida trips. Although I won't be heading south for this Easter weekend, or seeing my family, I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with a few of my favorite people and, hopefully, enjoying some spring like weather. I may even enjoy it immersed in coral! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!



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