Perfectly "Poiple"

As a little girl my grandmother would always tease me that purple was pronounced "poiple" when we played Candy Land. At the time this would infuriate me to no end... however, now I look back on these days and smile (especially when I found "poiple" in the urban dictionary). Every time I wear these purple pants I am reminded of Grandma Julia and the days I spent home sick from school, playing Candy Land trying to convince her that plums are actually purple.  I love it when my clothes make me feel nostalgic and wish for simpler times!

Anthropologie silk pants, Madewell cardigan, old white t-shirt, Guess wedges, Dad's vintage belt, Mom's bracelet,  Handmade wooden necklace, Purse from Fancy French Cologne

Another BIG thank you to the talented Jonathan Jaeger for taking these shots!


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